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You want an Allocation ... As a CDE, you know you can be awarded NMTC and put them to use in qualifying projects. The financial rewards to you and to recipient projects can be substantial. It is a highly competitive process, with only one in four applicants being awarded an allocation of NMTC. Not only can we help you win NMTC by writing strong applications that set your organization apart from all the others, but we can also manage each step of the process of identifying, screening and funding qualified projects throughout the U.S. As a CDE, here are just a few ways in which CDAA can assist your organization: ● Designing a NMTC program that will increase your chances of receiving an allocation while maximizing your income ● Writing a strong application ● Creating appropriate deal and tax structures ● Preparing internal accounting and compliance systems ● Making all required reports ● Minimizing your costs during closing and compliance period ● Being a trusteed advocate   Let us help you have a successful NMTC experience. Give us a call or send us an email through our Contact page.