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You've received a NMTC allocation and you've deployed it into qualifying projects.  Now comes the task of ongoing compliance. It is perhaps the most critical and time-consuming of all of the components of an effective NMTC program.  If you don't comply with the rules, you certainly won't get another allocation.  More importantly, certain violations will make you responsible for the tax credits that your investor lost. CDAA has been complying with the myriad of rules and regulations since 2004.  We've been through three IRS audits; all of which passed with flying colors. We can put together a successful compliance program that requires minimal investment of your staff and resources. Here's a sample of what CDAA can do for you: ● Gather all the data upon which you will be required to report ● Make those reports, both to investors and Treasury (Treasury's reporting system is not "user friendly") ● Set up internal accounting systems ● Conduct required tests, on both the CDE and QALICBs ● Keep you on top of all the rules and their changes Compliance is a critical element of a successful NMTC program.  It is one area where learning from your mistakes could have disastrous results.  Give us a call or send us an email through our Contact page.