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Now that you have received an allocation of NMTC, what are your objectives?  Timing of cash flows?  Community impacts? Your first objective should be ... get more NMTC allocation!  That way you'll be able to do more of the good work you are about to undertake. How and when you use your current allocation will have an enormous impact on receiving more allocation going forward. We are the pros at getting multiple allocations for the same organization.  Appropriate implementation is one of the keys. Critical components that we can show you include: ● Design of a comprehensive NMTC program that will increase your chances of receiving additional allocations ● How (and why!) to identify a large pool of candidate projects ● Project screening and ultimate selection ● Maximizing community involvement (community accountability) without it being intrusive in your operations Let us help you down the path of a continuous NMTC program.  Give us a call or send us an email through our Contact page.