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 Are You Looking for NMTC to Help Fund Your Project?   NMTC can significantly reduce the cost of financing your project.  The bad news is because NMTC is such a great deal, everybody wants it.  For every dollar of tax credits available, there are over 20 projects wanting that same credit. If we join your team, CDAA will guarantee that we'll get NMTC for your project.  If we don't ... you don't pay us. Not only will we find NMTC for you, we'll find the right CDE partner for you and stick with you through the NMTC closing process.  This minimizes your costs, delivering the maximum benefits of NMTC straight to your bottom line. We know that you need to spend your time constructing or revitalizing that next building – not mired down in the paperwork of lending, tax and legal issues. Let CDAA help mitigate the frustration and get you to a successful closing. Here are just a few areas where CDAA can assist you: ● Packaging your project in a manner that is the most attractive to potential CDE investors ● Identifying and securing allocations from CDEs ● Negotiating the lowest price possible ● Creating a NMTC structure that will maximize all of the NMTC benefits ● Identifying lenders, and other key stakeholders within the process ● Taking the uncertainty out of the Put/Call Option ● Minimizing costs associated with closing ● Saving time and money through best practices ● Assisting with required reporting ● Being a trusted member of your team   Let us help you have a successful NMTC experience. Give us a call or send us an email through our Contact page.